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Palampur Village Tourism, Himachal Pradesh


Palampur Village:
Palampur Village is popular as the name of the 'Tea Capital of North India,'. This is a very famous hill station. Palampur Village is popular for its natural beauty. There are so many beautiful temples and buildings built in the regal period. At Here a nature lover can enjoy a quiet stroll while feasting his eyes on the natural beauty and an outdoor lover with a taste for adventure can enjoy hand gliding and trekking during the holiday. There are so many other things for the nature lover. So many people like to visit this place. For this place people may book online also.
Palampur Village

Palampur was the part of the sikh community but after that it became the part of the british. The name of this place from the word ‘pulum’. And the meaning of it is abundant water.

Main Attraction Point:
when you will plan for the Palampur village tour, you will find so many fine example of at the same time you will find so many guided tour of the tea factory, for the learning of the processing and also for the method used to make the favorite drink for all. There is a church which is known as the St. John's church is also very popular at this place. There are so many places for the walk also such as Bundla Chasm, at this place there is a beautiful waterfall available. Here you can see the park also which is located at a distance of 1 km from the Palampur. There are other so many places which is very famous.
Palampur Tea Garden

Tours to Sujanpur Tira Palampur
There are so many places near the Palampur, one is the village of Andrettaa, the total distance is near about 13kms. This is a great place to buy the local handicrafts, such as pottery, for which this place is very popular. There is one place for the tourist that is Sujanpur Tira, which is 42kms away located from the Palampur. This place is very popular for the forts as well as ancient temples. Another place you can tour is Baijnath, which is 16kms from Palampur and is famous for the Shiva temple, which is definitely worth a closer look. There is also a mini zoo, which is at Gopalpur, about 13km from Palmpur.
If you with children then you would really enjoy the visit. Also the Chamunda Devi temple, situated at a distance of 13kms from Palampur. About 12 km away from Palampur is Tashijong, there you can visit the Tibetan monastery. It also showcases Tibetan art and handicrafts.
Sujanpur Tira Palampur,  Himachal Pradesh

At Palampur you can buy souvenirs and local handicrafts for your friends back home. You can buy fresh tealeaves, local handiwork, Tibetan carpets and winter clothing.

Palampur: Adventure Sports
Palampur is the ideal hill resort for you if you enjoy trekking and Paragliding. There are several trek routes that one can trek on, one important one being over Sanghar Pass to Bharmaur via Holi.
If you really love adventure sports, then 28kms from Palampur is a center for the adventure sports of paragliding. There you can have the adventurous time that you adrenaline junkies really wish for in a holiday. The town of billing which is 42km from Palampur is also famous for hand-gliding.
Paragliding Sport, Palampur Himachal Pradesh

Chamundadevi Temple:
The main temple
Chamundadevi Temple

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